my infamous rear naked choke

Jeff C. Carter lives in Venice, CA with a dog, two cats, and a human. His latest stories appear at Medium.com, Great Jones Street, the upcoming anthology Transmissions from Punktown, Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ to F with, Humanity 2.0, Tomorrow’s Cthulhu, Apotheosis, Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions, That Voodoo Hoodoo That You Do, A Mythos Grimmly, and issues of TremblesCalliopie and eFiction magazine.

Find him on Facebook or contact him right here.

4 responses to “About

  1. Dee

    Hi Jeff,

    I was looking at old photos of a wrap party for the movie “Getting Personal” formerly “Somehow Scituate”. I think you were a production assistant. I found you on Goodreads as an author. Congratulations on your career.

    • I was indeed a PA on the film – although I thought it had been renamed Lost and Found. Where can I find a picture of the shoot? And how are you?

      • Dee

        I don’t think I have pictures of the shoot, just the wrap party and none of them are scanned. I am okay. Detours and back on the production trail. The Massachusetts Tax Credits keep the movie business near by. I am working to finish my first feature length documentary this year, but….. I am trying to get a machine going to pursue all the documentary and feature projects I have been stewing on.

  2. Dee

    I’ve scanned 3 photos. I believe you have my email and I can send them to you.

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